Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantastic Article!

One of my favorite blogs is Foodtrainers.  Throughout this journey, I have learned to be very careful of what kind of advice or tips that I consider "valid", and this particular blog is absolutely fantastic for providing valid and real advice.  Advice about healthy living, weight loss, being a mommy who is trying to do it all, and many other items of interest.  When I looked at the most recent blog post I was really stunned at how it was a picture perfect replica of my life.  Not just prior to this new journey, but even now.

Over the past few weeks, and in particular since my son had his surgery, I have found myself being a lot more lenient in regards to grazing and having a bite of this or that each day.  And what I have come to realize is this:  "You are still in the beginning stages of this new lifestyle, and you simply cannot cheat."  I am not at the point where "Don't be so hard on yourself" is applicable.  This might sound really harsh and it might seem like I am setting myself up for a disaster in the long-term, but I don't really think so.  I NEED to be harder on myself when it comes to snacking on the wrong things because I have not reached my goal.  And I am not going to attain that goal if I live in such a way that allows me to backslide into old habits.  Those are the very habits that got me to where I was in the first place.  Now, I'm not saying that you can't indulge.  In fact, I wrote a previous blog post about this very thing.  But what I am saying is that those 10 M&M's that I am eating every single day in the blink of an eye are going to add up! 

However, I absolutely love the end of the blog that talks about your Victory List.  I'm not really into all of the Psycho-Babble that goes on in today's culture, but I do believe that rewarding yourself in a positive manner creates significant strides in your self-confidence and allows you to move that tiny small step ahead towards your personal goals.  I am also a person who loves a challenge, so I think it would be helpful for me to set a small goal for each day, and then celebrate at the end of the day with a much needed pat on the back!

Having said that, my husband should be thrilled when our closet space begins to slowly disappear due to my new DSW shopping habit.  I deserve it, right?  :-)     

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  1. He absolutely should be happy you are rewarding yourself with shoes! If he does start to squirm when he sees that brown and black striped bag come into the house, pose this question: "Do you want me to be healthy or do you want our closet to be empty? 'Cause I have to reward myself somehow, and rewarding with food is a no no, my dear!"

    I agree you have to be hard on yourself, but finding that balance between tough love and torture is the ultimate goal. You can do it!


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