Friday, April 1, 2011

Surgery was a success and a WooHoo Weigh-In!

I want to first tell you that my son's surgery went very well!  It was not without issue, however, because he had some ill effects from the anesthesia.  It made him really sick!  But his recovery has been fast and he bounced back very quickly.  Now, to work on my own recovery...

I haven't exercised since last Sunday, which makes me feel really bad.  It really couldn't be helped considering we were preparing for his surgery and watching over him during recovery.  But, nonetheless, I feel weak and tired.  I need to get back to this very soon!  My eating habits have also slacked over the past week.  I haven't been horrible, but I found myself slipping back into choosing bad things to eat, and I want to get over that.  It is SO easy to pick horrible food because it is too convenient and I was also stress eating...A LOT.

Having said that, I finally weighed myself this morning on a total whim.  I actually wasn't going to, but it was killing me.  I am happy to report that over the last few weeks, I have lost another 3.2 pounds.  Most of that was because I continued to make good food choices as well as pound out some serious foot movement on the pavement.  Part of me can't help but think I've also lost some muscle mass because I didn't work out for several days.  Who knows?  Regardless, it's time to get busy and back on track to my overall weight loss goals!

What kinds of things do you do to get back on track after falling off the weight loss wagon?

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