Saturday, March 12, 2011

And we're off!

I had my last jog/walk this week from my training plan for the 10k that I am participating in on April 30th.  Today's walk (and I am saying walk because I would be lying if I said I actually ran) was 3.5 miles.  Using my new Polar FT4, I was able to determine the following stats:

Duration: 50 minutes 30 seconds
Calories burned: 665  (WooHoo!)
Average Heart Rate: 170
Maximum Heart Rate: 183 (Yikes!)
In Heart Rate Zone: 6 minutes 58 seconds

Now, I'm guessing the last part is bad.  I was only "in my zone" for right around 7 minutes.  When you initially set-up the heart rate monitor, it asks you to enter all of your stats like sex, height, weight, etc.  I assume that it determines your appropriate heart rate zone for the duration of your exercise activity based on your stats.  I'm guessing mine was too high.  Guess I have to work on that...and read what that actually means.

Otherwise, I feel great!

Next week's plan is as follows:

Sunday (yep tomorrow): 2 Miles
Tuesday: 3 Miles
Thursday: 2 Miles
Saturday: 4 Miles

I really don't have a particular running pattern yet.  I basically just try to warm up by walking and then run as far as I can without passing out.  Today I probably ran a total of .75 miles.  I guess that isn't bad for someone who "isn't a runner."  But we shall see how this goes!

Oh, and to relate back to my post from earlier this week; I plan to have some Texas Sheet Cake to celebrate my step-son's birthday this evening.  At least I planned it and already know what I'm going to eat, right? 


  1. What is your HRM set to? Mine was initially set to something like 130, which is WAY too low. When I "run" (more like a really brisk walk), I tend to get up in the 160s or higher. There are charts out there that tell you your ideal HR based on your age.

    What kind of training plan are you using? I recommend Couch to 5k (there is a 10k version too) because it gradually increases your running over the course of 8 weeks I think. I have never personally completed it, but it's on my to do list. ;)

  2. I am going to have to check my HRM to see what the range is. When I initially set it up, it calculated the range for me. I have always had a heart rate that is on the higher side. I'll have to Google to see if I can find some better info.

    My training plan now is: run when you can until you can't. Not such a good plan, but it seems to be working. Although lately, my calves have been really sore, so I have been walking briskly like you.


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