Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keep on keepin' on!

I wish I had a WooHoo Weigh-In to report, but unfortunately I was up .6 pounds this week.  BOO!  But, I actually am well aware of what happened (at least I think), and old habits do not die fast for me.  It really takes one day of bad eating to throw things off.  In my case, I ate kind of crappy all weekend.  So, I suppose this is what happens.

I have definitely realized that I have to be very disciplined at this point in my journey, because I am not in maintenance phase.  I am in the beginner phase, and being very strict is key!  I don't like it, but as they say, "It Is What It Is."

I did do my training jog/walk on Sunday evening and I also managed to get in a Leslie Sansone workout tonight.  It has been really rainy and dark here today and I almost talked myself out of exercising, but I put those big girl panties on and worked out anyway.  And in the end, I feel better for it!

With that, I'll keep on keepin' on this week and hopefully I'll have a better weigh-in next Monday.  Or maybe I'll switch it to Friday so I can weigh-in before the weekend?  :-)

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