Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's been a looong few days!

Well, between the snow and ice, it has been very interesting around here the last few days.  I was ready for a good, consistent workout on Sunday night and I turned on Exercise TV only to find that my videos were gone!  Not only the walking videos I like, but most of the videos!  AGH!  I settled for a short 25 minute cardio workout followed by more frustration with the Your Shape Fitness Evolved game for xBox Kinect. 

However, on Monday, I decided to do some searching on the Internet and found several You Tube tutorials for the game.  Yes, success!  So, I did that on Tuesday night as well.  And "WOW!!" do my thighs hurt, even today!  Nonetheless, I will march on and continue this good fight!

I finally decided to contact the company that makes the coconut milk creamer to ask where in the heck I can get it in Ohio.  Three minutes later, they sent me a message telling me exactly where to go and even the name of the salesperson I can ask for help!  Talk about customer service!  I have to give a big shout out to "So Delicious" people for being fabulous!

Also, I actually decided to break down and buy myself a digital scale.  Due to the bad weather we have had, it hasn't arrived yet.  But I do plan to use it once a week on Sunday mornings.

I got my first compliment husband said, "You really look like you are losing weight."  Thanks, babe ;-)  (P.S. You can tell me that anytime you want!)

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