Monday, February 7, 2011

Weighing In

OK, so, I got my scale in the mail last week after the horrible snow/ice storms that we had in the local area.  I waited two extra days for it, and it was killing me, even though I wasn’t going to weigh in until Sunday.

At any rate, I used it on Sunday and felt completely shattered.  After scraping myself up off of the floor, I truly had to tryand keep it very real and explain it like this:  “Terri, you started this journey on January 5th and had no idea what you weighed.  When you weighed in on January 23rd, you couldn’t even provide an accurate weight because your scale was about as ghetto as all get out.  So, what are you so upset about?  Take the number you got and go with it.”
OK, I feel much better now.  I’m still scared to death to report any real number.  It is so clich√© to say, “Well, it’s just a number…it really doesn’t matter…and blah, blah, blah…”  But you know, and I know, that talk like that is simply untrue.  How do women measure one another?  By weight and size.  No matter what.  Period. 
With that being said, I plan to continue to weigh in on Sunday’s and I plan to report my progress that way. 
On the coffee front, I finally found the coconut creamer that I thought was going to change my life.  Instead, I learned that I miss my regular creamer that much more!  But I’m not going back to the nasty calorie-laden creamer at this point, but I do plan to tweak it just a little.  Maybe I’ll do half of each type for a while? 

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