Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow! What a week! (and a WooHoo Weigh-In!)

I'll start by apologizing for the lack of posts this past week, but I have been so busy!  I hope you don't forget that I am a full-time working mom to a 3 year old rambunctious little boy and a wife.  Having said that, you can see where my blog might take a backseat for a few days.

Speaking of my son, we learned this week that he is going to have to have ear tubes put in and his adenoids removed.  I have so many emotions surrounding this recommendation, and not even really from a 'surgery' standpoint.  Yes, the surgery stresses me out, especially the anesthesia, but I am more conflicted with how he ended up with so many illnesses to begin with.  Yes, I suffer from the typical syndrome called "mommy guilt" and it is something that I just can't seem to get away from.  My son was in private care for the majority of his early toddlerhood until we made the change and enrolled him into pre-school.  I knew that a whole host of illnesses were going to slam our lives, but I didn't anticipate that he would constantly be sick for the next entire year!  It has been one sinus issue or ear infection after another since April of 2010.  Having said that, I would enroll him all over again if I had the choice.  He LOVES school and his friends and his teacher.  Unfortunately, sickness is going to be a part of it.  My guilt lies with the fact that he was very rarely sick before going to school and I feel like he is now having this surgery as a result of a selfish decision on my part to put him into school.  There were many, many reasons why we took him out of private care, but it doesn't really lessen the blow of watching your child suffer from chronic nasal and ear problems.  At any rate, we are where we are, and I can't go back and change it.  I can only pray that our next step will help resolve some of his issues for good and that Our Almighty Physician will lay his hands upon my son and make him better!

OK, enough with my ranting and sadness...

My WooHoo Weigh-In for today found me 1.2 pounds lighter this week.  Not as good as I had hoped, but I know I slipped this past week, so I anticipated this result.  A loss is a loss and I'll take it!  And as for the Mexican I had last Friday, it made me feel quite sick to my stomach, so it really wasn't worth it.  Major lesson learned!

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