Sunday, January 23, 2011

A couple of new things I learned this weekend!

It has been a very interesting weekend of learning for me.  First, I learned my current weight.  I'm going to give or take a few pounds because every time I tried to calibrate my scale it would start at a different spot.  But at least I have a number to work with.  An my initial goal would be to lose 10 pounds.  Not too hard, right?

Second, I ordered the book Eat This, Not That, at the suggestion of someone on the blog who calls him or herself "anonymous".  Not his or her fault, but for whatever reason, Blogger doesn't let a person post a name without being a member of Google.  At any rate, the book is fascinating.  So much so that I ordered another edition, Eat This, Not That: Supermarket Survival GuideWell, here in Ohio we call it the grocery store, or better yet, Kroger"s".  Certainly made me stop and think about a few things I have eaten in the past.  And on that front...bad news for those of you who thought the Grilled Turkey Burger from the Cheesecake Factory was a good idea (and you know who you are because you made me split that junk with you once.)  It has 1,331 calories and a whopping 31 grams of fat!  Top that with 1,674 mg of sodium!  YOWZA!  Now I know a lot of that has to do with the mayo, but still!

Third, I went to our Sunday staple McDonalds today.  Well, I had to because the new Tonka Truck toys are now in the Happy Meals.  I mean, I would be a horrible mom if my kid didn't get another toy.  But anyway, I read in my new book that you could swap fries for a yogurt parfait and save 220 calories and 17 grams of fat.  So, that's what I did.  And it was SOOOO good!  Then I got the grilled chicken sandwich, sans mayo.  I would have normally ordered the classic #2 combo, which some of you may know is the Quarter Pounder and fries.  Good, but I always felt horrible afterwards.  So, valuable lesson learned for me.  You CAN eat at McDonalds and eat a decent meal.  And, yes, my son gets apple dippers and the 100% Minute Maid apple juice.  I'm not that awful of a parent.

I would love to hear any tips or tricks that you have concerning your swaps at fast food restaurants or when dining out!

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