Friday, January 21, 2011

Decision time!

Let me start by saying, I hate the decision that I'm about to face.  I mean, I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE IT!  But I have to do it, because otherwise, all this extra work is for naught.  So...drum roll please...I'm going to get on the scale.  Yep, I'm going to strip down, even the remainder of my pedicure from last September, and get on that scale.  At this point, "it is what it is", right?

I don't know why I'm making this such a big deal, really.  People do it all the time, right?  I mean, I have one sister who gets on the scale like three times a day (and you know who you are).  I just never wanted to be caught up by a number, but for me, I need something to kind of "size up" this new lifestyle change.

Anyway, I've been a very good girl since the last time I wrote.  On Tuesday and last night I did the 2 Mile intermediate walk through ExerciseTV on Demand.  I just love it.  It makes me sweat something horrible, but my rear-end certainly thanks Leslie Sansone.  I love it SO much more than the gym because it makes me move all over and use my own body as resistance.  But, I also know that I can't do that one single workout forever.

I haven't really played any of my new Kinect games.  I'm going to check those out again this weekend, especially the toning portion of the Your Shape game. 

Oh, and I seriously need to get to Trader Joes.  I just love that place an it screams goodness to me!  I mean goodness as in "wholly" goodness.  Oh, and some other FABULOUS news...I just found out that Centerville is getting an Earth Fare.  O...M...G...

Thanks again for all of you who are sending me your thoughts and words of encouragement.  I'm ready to kick this thing into high gear!

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