Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, last night was a great workout night using Kinect Your Shape and another favorite, Dance Central.  The only issue with each game is that I fell there are too many "breaks".  I want a consistent flow-through workout.  A lot of this is because I'm not familiar with the games and don't know how to navigate them yet.

The bad part about last night is that I re-aggravated the pulled muscle in my back and now I am sitting here with a heating pad on my back.  The good news is that I was actually watching tv last night and I saw a commercial for Exercise TV on Demand.  Who knew?  So as I sit here, I am flipping through the multitude of options.  This channel is amazing!  I plan to take it easy this morning and maybe I'll try a yoga routine or some sort of low impact cardio option later today.  I'm not trying to wuss out, but I don't want to cause myself damage.

Another thing I wanted to mention are all of the food options that seem to be popping up out there.  Who would have thought that Bob Evans would have a "Fit" menu?  Since it is really one of the only eat-out restaurants in my area, we opted to go there last night.  And we had a coupon for a free kids meal, so major bonus there.  I opted to have the potato crusted flounder, green beans, and a baked potato.  I didn't eat the potato plain, but I didn't load it up either.  It was so yummy and I scarfed down the whole plate!  So, my son had his mac-a-noni and I was able to eat healthy, the homestyle way!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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